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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Malawi is worth seeing

This country is beautiful, and surprises me every day. Just 45 minutes drive south is Dedza, the next market town along the road to Blantyre.  If you turn off the main road and drive on the gravel road a few miles towards the Mozambique border, through villages and around a few hills, you come across an [...]
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Only eye

Next week we have another Salima session.  An extra ambulance of patients from the Lakeshore every day, referred by one of our close partners Malawi Council for the Handicapped, MACOHA.  So a busy week ahead screening and helping two hundred or so people from Salima District, around a two hour drive from Nkhoma. Mr Kambewa, the [...]
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Summer rains are coming

Towards the end of November the rains start to arrive. There is a flurry of activity over the country as people prepare the fields for sowing. Many have already started. Nature has amazing ways of announcing the last few weeks before the rains. Of course it is hot, but there are plenty more [...]
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