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Monthly Archives: July 2009

100km trip

Just a quick note today – I plan to drive up to 100km round trip to find more people who have cataracts but I don’t know yet whether we can give them free surgery that will allow them to see again. Fingers crossed that the car doesn’t break down again.
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Ward rounds

Today I had a list of 28 patients to see and by 9:30 I was already half way through them. It’s much quieter than yesterday, but I still had 14 cataract operations to perform, and there were also 2 emergency cases of people with injuries to their eyes. In the afternoon I went on another ward [...]
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Busy Monday

This morning I started at 8am. I had 48 new and follow-up patients to see, and the clinical staff saw 54 new patients this morning. By 4pm I left the operating theatre after performing 27 cataract operations. It’s possible to do one eye in about seven minutes, but where a patient has bilateral cataracts, we’d only [...]
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