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Ward rounds

Today I had a list of 28 patients to see and by 9:30 I was already half way through them. It’s much quieter than yesterday, but I still had 14 cataract operations to perform, and there were also 2 emergency cases of people with injuries to their eyes.

In the afternoon I went on another ward round, visiting 22 patients in preparation for tomorrow’s theatre list of about 35 cataract operations. We screen around 20,000 people each year. It’s absolutely staggering how many people across Africa are needlessly blind, and Malawi is no exception.

By 6pm I’d completed meetings with builders and management, as well as unpacking a huge order of supplies that had just come in from CBM.

It’s 11pm now and I’ve just finished for the day – I’ve been working on our accounts and 3-year plan, as well as catching up with a few emails as and when the internet connection lets me.

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