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The rains have come

I was happy to arrive back in Nkhoma during the rains.  They shouls have started in ernest 2 months ago, but have been somewhat scanty over the past weeks.  The crops are surviving in the central region and over the past week we have had a number of huge down pours to soak the fields [...]
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The New Year

I have gathered strength from family and friends over the festive season, and am ready for the new year.  It’s not going to be easy.  We have much less funds, and I totally understand.  With the past two year’s international financial crisis, we all perhaps have less to give; and this ultimately boils down to [...]
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Ward rounds

Today I had a list of 28 patients to see and by 9:30 I was already half way through them. It’s much quieter than yesterday, but I still had 14 cataract operations to perform, and there were also 2 emergency cases of people with injuries to their eyes. In the afternoon I went on another ward [...]
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