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I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing!  It was such a great moment for Sambani, and he was so honest.  I met Sambani two days before, indeed depressed and sad.  Dr Ute Wiehler has operated his first eye, and I did his second cataract operation two days later.  All went well, even better than [...]
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Mary from Mangotchi

Mary is young and had been at school until just over a year ago.  Now she is totally blind.  The brittle undiagnosed Diabetes had metabolically robbed her of her sight in a matter of months.  Her sugar was so high when she came to Nkhoma, we had to spend 2 weeks controlling it even before [...]
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Sometimes in the work here, I am called to do things not directly involving seeing people and treating blindness.  I love the job that I am actually here to do, but there are unavoidable and necessary distractions sometimes. We have spent much of the past months preparing and renovating for the new year.  We will start [...]
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Summer rains are coming

Towards the end of November the rains start to arrive. There is a flurry of activity over the country as people prepare the fields for sowing. Many have already started. Nature has amazing ways of announcing the last few weeks before the rains. Of course it is hot, but there are plenty more [...]
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