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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Her smile says it all

We visited the villages near Lilongwe (well, around 2 hours drive from Nkhoma) to pick up patients who had been screened by John Kapakasa, our cataract case-finder. He’s had a busy week on his motorbike, driving around ten villages in the rural district around the capital.  The ambulance brought back 12 patients, 10 of whom were [...]
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Nkhoma Mountain

Dr Erik and Dr Naomi De Jong-Vink and baby Fenna Chimwemwe left Nkhoma after 4 years of fantastic work.  Naomi was an excellent obstetrician.  Erik set up the IT system, and it is thanks to him and his team that we have internet here in rural Malawi!  He also worked on the Safe Motherhood programme, [...]
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MACOHA referral session from Salima

We’ve had patients coming from near the lakeshore in Salima the whole of last week and this week.  A car every day has been coming full with around 15 patients.  We’ve been busy. Malawi Council for the Handicapped (MACOHA) has a team of field workers in their community based rehabilitation programme.  They have spent weeks and [...]
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