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MACOHA referral session from Salima

We’ve had patients coming from near the lakeshore in Salima the whole of last week and this week.  A car every day has been coming full with around 15 patients.  We’ve been busy.

Malawi Council for the Handicapped (MACOHA) has a team of field workers in their community based rehabilitation programme.  They have spent weeks and months travelling through the Salima District villages screening people, and then bringing them to Nkhoma Eye Hospital throughout this fortnight.

Over a hundred cataract operations have been performed, and after a day or two for each patient in the hospital, a lot of people have left happy.

A satisfied crowd from Salima, waiting for the car home

A satisfied crowd from Salima, waiting for the car home

MACOHA refer around 30% of all of our patients to us.

We will be heading back into the villages around Salima in a month or so to follow-up a few dozen people.  Usually it’s too far and expensive for people to travel back to the hospital for a check up after surgery, so we are going to travel to them.

It is very cold and windy at Nkhoma right now.  As most of the people in the villages don’t have electricity, there is only open fires to keep warm.  Sadly that also means a lot of burn injuries, and we recently had a 15 year old girl who had an epileptic seizure, and fell into a fire face first.  It was a while before anyone could help her, and unfortunately too late for the third degree burns she sustained over her eyelids, face and neck.

Dr John Sandford-Smith was visiting and luckily could successfully help her with her eyelids.  We are sending an ambulance into her village near Kasina to bring her to hospital for review today.  I hope we can find her.

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