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Sometimes in the work here, I am called to do things not directly involving seeing people and treating blindness.  I love the job that I am actually here to do, but there are unavoidable and necessary distractions sometimes.

We have spent much of the past months preparing and renovating for the new year.  We will start modern cataract surgeries next week, and theatre is ready for that and many patients that will be coming to Nkhoma this year.

I had to join the Ministry of Health for planning workshops over the past weeks.  The National Eye Care Plan for 2011 to 2016.  Wonderful to be involved in where the country is heading for eye care.

Of course then there were many other planning meetings and report writing tasks for this coming year, and summarising 2010.

Now we are ready to tackle the new year!

With only 7 ophthalmologists for the country, we are sometimes called upon to perform extra duties.  That is a normal part of the work.

One such duty was Bella.

Bella is a beautiful one-eyed lioness in Lilongwe.  She had had a cataract operation in the UK on her right eye, and was having some troubles with that eye for the past couple of years.  As they had to anaesthetise her for another issue, they called me to see if I could come along and take a look at the same time.

She was fine, and a stunningly beautiful animal!

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