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The rains have come

I was happy to arrive back in Nkhoma during the rains.  They shouls have started in ernest 2 months ago, but have been somewhat scanty over the past weeks.  The crops are surviving in the central region and over the past week we have had a number of huge down pours to soak the fields and keep fears in the villages about drought, failing crops and possible famine at bay.  The country is completely different now… a green garden of Eden!

Some awesome electrical storms pass over Nkhoma.  I was in the house during one two nights ago, and the thunder and lightning happened simultaneously as bright flashes surrounded the house.  Poor Ellie ran for cover under the bed.  I found out the next day that two cows were struck by lightning in neighbouring Dzuwa village.  The owner of the cows fainted at the time, but is absolutely fine now.  She still has six more cows, and villagers have been coming around to buy beef.

After less than two months of rain

After less than two months of rain

I had to drive to Blantyre yesterday to spend the day with Dr Tamara, helping her with her retinopathy of prematurity thesis.  We spent the day at the Kangaroo mothercare and Chitanka neonatal unit seeing premature babies, and chatting with their mothers.  It’s quite hard looking at these babies eyes, some were so small.. less than 3 lbs when born a few days or weeks ago.

I also met with the Registrar General, and although it is pretty rare for a British and an American citizen to marry in Malawi, there should be no problem legally or registering!

A South Africa missionary couple got married at Nkhoma 15 years ago, and were carried from the church in a traditional ox cart.  Sadly the groom was sick with malaria and was carried in a litter up to the mountain hut for their honeymoon.

I was very glad to see Esther, Kambewa and all the staff at Nkhoma.  We are planning together for the year ahead.  We continue to pray for Nick’s recovery; and for rains to continue, especially in the south of the country where the crops are starting to fail.

I’ll enjoy the weekend walking around the village and market with Ellie and friends, and then tee up for the Africa Cup of Nations final at Kambewa’s house tomorrow night.

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