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Dr Will DeanThis Life Stories site follows Dr Will Dean, a CBM-supported Consultant Ophthalmologist and his work with the rest of the team at Nkhoma Eye Hospital in Malawi.

Dr Dean was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, but left for Leicestershire, England when he was just 11 years old. After graduating from Leicester University with a BSc and MBChB he eventually came to work with CBM in 2007.

“We can and are making a difference to the people who are trapped in poverty due to disability related to blindness”.

“The conditions in Nkhoma are: frenetic but efficient, intense but rewarding and the constant, relentless pace”

While operating, on his iPod he listens to a mixture of Beethoven and Leftfield.

The team at Nkhoma are nearly 40 strong, and dedicated to the mission of eradicating avoidable blindness through appropriate and compassionate eye care for all.

The Nkhoma Eye Team

The Nkhoma Eye Team

Kuona kwa tsopano, Moyo wa tsopano

New Sight, new life