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Married bliss

I have just had the most fantastic couple of months in Malawi.

Jenn and I met in Nkhoma years ago when she was on her first trip to Malawi.  It was pure co-incidence that she was working at the same hospital.  Jenn subsequently set up her foundation, Africa Burn Relief, and has been coming back to Malawi to help burn vistims in the country. 

We both share the same love of Africa, the work, the challenges and the beauty.  Luckily a mutual friend, a Dutch doctor in Malawi called Naomi, suggested we date as we may hit it off.

That we certainly did, and with Jenn’s family from USA, mine from UK and South Africa, and many friends from Malawi we were married on the shores of Lake Malawi in May.

I am a very happy man.

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