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Nkhoma Eye Hospital Team

It was Strinnar Duncan’s wedding day yesterday.  9am Church, followed by photos around Nkhoma, then a big lunch (chicken and goat); and then lots and lots of dancing (Pelikani-pelikani; the tradition of different groups of guests dancing at different times, throwing money in the air as you go).

Strinnar is 5th from the left, on the back row

Nkhoma Eye Hospital team

Nkhoma Eye Hospital team

On the back row (left to right): Blessings, Vincent, Isabelle, Elias, Strinnar, Luward, Precious, Victor, Lote, Stonard, Ephraim, Richman, Leo, Esther, Francis, Steve, and Stancellous..

On the middle row, seated:  Matima, Esther, Rose, Joyce, Chikondi, George, Alick, Jefta and Victor

On the front row: John, Scort, Will, and Leymond.

Lumbani Banda was on training to become a Clinical Officer, and Mr Kabuula was in the villages near Dedza case-finding.  Charles Nalembe was in Blantyre for a couple of days, and Maxwell Nkhoma was on night duty.  Andy Richards was behind the camera!

We are really lucky to have such a great to team to work with.  Steve, Esther, Ephraim, Elias and Leo have been here at Nkhoma Eye Hospital longest, around 10 years; and everyone in the team has been at Nkhoma for over 2 years.  I’ve been coming intermittently since 2003, and working permanently since the end of 2007.

There is a great team spirit, a relatively good football skillset, and an amazing efficiency of high volume work when we have a long line of patients waiting for surgery.

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