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Nkhoma Eye Hospital Team

It was Strinnar Duncan’s wedding day yesterday.  9am Church, followed by photos around Nkhoma, then a big lunch (chicken and goat); and then lots and lots of dancing (Pelikani-pelikani; the tradition of different groups of guests dancing at different times, throwing money in the air as you go). Strinnar is 5th from the left, on the [...]
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MACOHA referral session from Salima

We’ve had patients coming from near the lakeshore in Salima the whole of last week and this week.  A car every day has been coming full with around 15 patients.  We’ve been busy. Malawi Council for the Handicapped (MACOHA) has a team of field workers in their community based rehabilitation programme.  They have spent weeks and [...]
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The impact of 10 million, and the power of one

We have just passed the end of June, and the cool and dryness of winter is here.  Most of the people in central Malawi have harvested good crops this year, and are free to head to the market, spend time with their families and enjoy this time of prosperity. In fact this is our busiest time [...]
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World Glaucoma Day, and week!

Together with the rest of the world, Nkhoma celebrated World Glaucoma Day last Friday. Glaucoma is the second main cause of global blindness, after cataract.  It is a condition that slowly affects the optic nerve at the back of the eye, and is often associated with high pressure in the eye.  Untreated, the high pressure destroys [...]
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New cataract surgeon!

One of the greatest aspects of working here at Nkhoma is the team at the Eye Hospital.  I have the pleasure of working with a team of nearly 40 dedicated nurses, patient attendants, drivers, administrative staff; and one clinical officer, Mr Ephraim Kambewa. I mention Mr Kambewa especially, as he has returned after 18 months training [...]
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